Our Approach

We begin our relationships by focusing on the three most important questions you have for your investments.

Will my investments provide for my life plans?

For most people, investments are meant primarily for retirement. But for others, they may also be destined to fund college, provide capital to start a business, purchase a second home, or pay for other large expenditures.

We combine computer modeling and our experience to answer these questions. This includes determining the amount of savings required, balancing the investment return and risk, understanding your tax situation, and taking into account a host of other financial inputs to achieve the goals set by you.

Am I invested in the right places, and are my investments consistent with my plan?

Many investors accumulate a portfolio of substantial size and, eventually, begin questioning whether they are in the “right” investments. Before we begin active management of your portfolio, we work with you to integrate your goals and objectives with an investment plan that reflects the proper class and diversified mix of specific investments that are best for you.

Am I paying the absolute minimum in income taxes on my portfolio earnings?

Portfolio earnings come from various forms—growth in the share price, interest, and dividends—each with different tax implications. We continually review your total tax situation to provide the maximum AFTER TAX return to you. This includes placing each type of investment in the appropriate taxable or sheltered account to take advantage of the different tax treatments.



Our Process

At Danda Trouvé Investment Management, we believe trust, partnership, and results are the foundation of a long-term client relationship. To help clients achieve their financials goals, we follow a six-stage process:

1. Understanding your needs

We start by understanding where you are financially, where you want to go, your current asset allocation, and what special situations need to be considered.

2. Preparing a financial plan

Depending on your situation, we prepare a financial plan that covers either comprehensive goals or specific goals. These goals may include investment, retirement, college funding, personal income tax, and/or estate planning needs.

3. Preparing an investment strategy

Based on your financial goals, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and any investment constraints, we determine the most appropriate asset allocation and create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The asset allocation defines your mix of stocks, treasury bonds, corporate fixed income securities, and alternative investments.

4. Providing ongoing portfolio management

Once your assets are initially invested, we continually make investment decisions for your account. All decisions are based on our agreed-upon investment strategy, and we buy and sell securities to keep your strategy on track. You will receive documentation every time a buy/sell transaction is made.

5. Receiving statements and performance measurements

We provide quarterly statements and performance reports. We also prepare quarterly market commentaries and comment on how they relate to your portfolio.

6. Checking and rebalancing your master plan

As situations change in your life and your goals evolve, we respond accordingly. We will meet with you as often as necessary to review your investments and ensure that your strategy is on track.



This information is not intended to offer tax advice. Please consult with your tax professional for details specific to your situation.