James J. Danda


Jim Danda is the former President of Danda Trouvé Investment Management. He founded the company in 1987 under the name Danda Financial Services, a financial consulting practice focusing on small business accounting, taxes, insurance, and consulting. As Jim’s clients’ businesses grew, his business model focused more on wealth preservation and management, and today he still advises many of the same clientele that he began with in his early years.

His success then, and now, has been achieved through strong client relations and a results-oriented attitude. Jim believes in a top-down approach to investment analysis: first, understand the overall market conditions in terms of interest rates, growth, and inflation; and second, narrow investment choices down to sector- and security-specific choices. Jim is a strong advocate of fixed-income investing and he believes in balanced portfolios. A smart, calm, conservative, and steadfast investor, he has experienced many bull and bear markets and interest rate cycles. Jim has an astute understanding of taxes and he believes in always making financial decisions and investments with tax consequences in mind.

Jim has more than 50 years of finance experience, and began his career in 1963, after earning a Masters in Statistics from the University of Wyoming.

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