October 2021 Thoughts and Insights

by Michelle Trouvé on

We hope everyone had an enjoyable summer and is ready for cooler weather and the seasonal change into fall and winter.

Speaking of changes, as you know, our process is based on measuring and mapping the rate of change of Growth and Inflation leading us to our investing quadrants (see map enclosed...

July 2021 Thoughts and Insights

by Michelle Trouvé on

We hope everyone is enjoying summer and taking those long-awaited trips to see loved ones! The Trouvé's traveled to France for a wonderful family visit and can report back that the airports, shops, and restaurants are bustling!

Market Function and Our Process

We have often talked about how the...

April 2021 Thoughts and Insights

by Michelle Trouvé on

We are excited to start our letter off with the news of a fully vaccinated staff at DTIM!

As we enter the second quarter, global economies are looking toward reopening and recovery. We expect to see production ramping up and global trade revitalized which means a continuation of the Quad 2...

January 2021 Thoughts and Insights

by Michelle Trouvé on

Despite the many trials and tribulations that 2020 brought us, we do believe that our investment process has emerged stronger, more focused, and smarter. Our commitment to your investment needs and goals remain our top priority.

Lessons from 2020

  • Our view on how important it is to have an...

October 2020 Thoughts and Insights

by Michelle Trouvé on

Our last newsletter focused on our investment process and how we are evolving with the markets. We would like to open again on this topic as it is so important.

Our investment process first assesses where we are in the business cycle in terms of growth (GDP) and inflation (CPI). The economy has...

July 2020 Thoughts and Insights

by Michelle Trouvé on

Our Process

Over the past several years I have talked about how the market has evolved from a technology standpoint and that over 80% of the trades are now machine driven versus traders in colorful jackets on the floors of the exchanges. As such, at DTIM we have improved our investment analysis...

April 2020 Thoughts and Insights

by Michelle Trouvé on

I hope this note finds you and your families healthy and safe.

This past month we have experienced nothing like we ever have before, nor could have imagined.  We have a global health crisis that has turned into a global recession bringing the economy to a halt.  As a result, over the past few...


The relief options listed below are automatically provided. Filers do not need to take any additional steps to qualify. Exclusions can still be filed for those wishing to extend beyond the relief deadlines to October 15, 2020. Each state has the option to set their own relief policies to...

April 03, 2020 Update

by Michelle Trouvé on

For this week’s update, we wanted to share a summary view of the Economic Impact Payments and the CARE’s act and how you may benefit. The final law does cover both retirees and Self-Employed Independent Contractors as well as W-2 wage earners. As always, please feel free to call or write with any...

March 27, 2020 Highlights

by Michelle Trouvé on

Over the past twelve months, we have devoted a significant amount of energy and resources to upgrading our technology solutions.  One of the silver linings to this virus is that we have been able to test “real time” our ability to work remotely and I am proud to share how seamless it has been.  Our...