Our Approach

We begin our relationships by focusing on the three most important questions you have for your investments.

Will my investments provide for my life plans?

For most people, investments are meant primarily for retirement. But for others, they may also be destined to fund college, provide capital to start a business, purchase a second home, or pay for other large expenditures.

We combine computer modeling and our experience to answer these questions. This includes determining the amount of savings required, balancing the investment return and risk, understanding your tax situation, and taking into account a host of other financial inputs to achieve the goals set by you.


Am I invested in the right places, and are my investments consistent with my plan?

Many investors accumulate a portfolio of substantial size and, eventually, begin questioning whether they are in the “right” investments. Before we begin active management of your portfolio, we work with you to integrate your goals and objectives with an investment plan that reflects the proper class and diversified mix of specific investments that are best for you.

Am I paying the absolute minimum in income taxes on my portfolio earnings?

Portfolio earnings come from various forms—growth in the share price, interest, and dividends—each with different tax implications. We continually review your total tax situation to provide the maximum AFTER TAX return to you. This includes placing each type of investment in the appropriate taxable or sheltered account to take advantage of the different tax treatments.




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