Our Mission Statement

At Danda Trouvé Investment Management, our mission is to serve our clients with financial guidance that goes beyond investment results.

We use a “total return” investment approach to maximize returns with minimal risk.

  • We manage a single, balanced portfolio that we customize for each client.
  • We are attuned to what’s moving in the market and how it affects our positions.
  • We don’t take unnecessary risks, so our clients’ money is there when they need it.

We create a comfortable, uniquely personal atmosphere.

  • Our advice is honest and unbiased, based solely on what’s best for each individual client.
  • Every client, independent of account size, receives close individual attention.
  • We don’t judge spending habits, but our clients count on us to provide “reality checks” that keep them on track toward long-term security.

We are more than an advisor. We are a confidant.

  • Our goal is to take life’s complicated financial matters and make them simple for our clients. That’s how we become their confidant, and it’s how we will continue to earn our unique spot in a highly competitive industry.




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